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Indoor flying just got a whole lot smaller, and in this instance smaller is most definitely better!

With the latest featherweight model from Parkzone, the Mini Vapor, the possibilities for indoor flight are endless, it’s diminutive size and weight allow the Mini Vapor to be flown just about anywhere indoors with the smallest of rooms becoming a flying site without the risk of flying into anything!

This ultra lightweight model has a wingspan of 220mm (8.7inch) and the Ready to Fly (RTF) version comes out of the box with everything needed to get flying straight away, well you do have to charge the 30mAh flight battery first, but this simply plugs into the E-flite DC LiPo charger that comes complete with 8 dry cell AA batteries.

When it comes to control the Mini Vapor uses a fully proportional Parkzone MLP4 radio featuring the latest Spektrum 2.4Ghz DSM2/DSMX® technology for smooth interference free control. The onboard electronics feature a 20mAh motor, a combined micro receiver, speed controller and servos mounted to a common circuit board that is about the size of a postage stamp!

The airframe of this delightful model is made of carbon and covered with a suitably lightweight transparent film of Red and Yellow with clear accents giving the model an almost “butterfly” look and just like a butterfly, the Mini Vapor is able to flit from place to place with remarkable ease!

With no need to leave your house, going flying has never been easier!


  • Fully proportional throttle, elevator and rudder control
  • Super light DSMX® 3 channel Rx/ESC with two servos
  • 1S brushed coreless motor
  • Carbon fibre fuselage rod
  • Carbon fibre push rods
  • Composite plastic/carbon fibre wing structure
  • Lightweight PET film covering
  • Includes 1S 30 mAh 25C LiPo battery
  • Includes 1-cell DC charger

1S 3.7V 30mAH Battery included




298mm (11.75in)

Brushed Coreless Motor

Super Light DSMX 3 channel Rx/ ESC with 2 servos included

8.6g (0.3oz)

220mm (8.7in)


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EFLB0301S25 30mah 1S 3.7volt 25C LiPo Battery
LiPo Battery
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