ModellbauUK Kestrel Blue/White (Falcon 120)

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The ModellbauUK Kestrel is the latest version of this very popular Jet Sports Trainer Aircraft.

Developed from the Falcon 120 Pusher IC aircraft but includes all the strengthening and modifications required to withstand extra stresses imposed by a 18lb thrust Jet Turbine.

Currently available in 2 colour schemes; Red & Blue Sports Colours

Eletric retracts, wheels, robust struts and pneumatic brakes available now.  Pneumatic tratcs available too


The Kestrel is the most stable, cost effective jet turbine trainer's on the market. From the fully painted composite fiberglass fuselage, carbon fibre reinforced wings, booms and stabilizer to the carbon fibre spars and retract areas the model is now one of the best looking and jet trainer models on the market today.

The kit comes as standard with:
  • 80 oz plastic fuel tank with all fittings now included - no more leaky fibreglass tanks and a whole lot stronger than the fibreglass tank historically used
  • Swept back turbine mount which negates the need to severly Dremel the rear fairing and allows the fitting of a FOD is available as an upgrade
  • Full hardware, cockpit tub and all decals factory installed.
  • Internally mounted servos
  • Has modified Semi Symmetrical Section Wing for Quality Low & High Speed Handling
  • 12 - 18 Ibs Turbines (max!!!!)    (Jets Munt VT80 is Perfect
  • Fully hardware pack included with composite control surface horns and rugid ball links
  • Factory canopy included, ModellbauUK manufactured canopy available as an upgrade
  • Cockpit Tub & Pilot included
  • Colour coded servo lead loom availble to ease installation
  • Wing Span : 63in
  • Wing Area : 1007sq in
  • Flying Weight : 17 lbs
  • Fuselage Length: 76.8in
  • Engine Required : Turbine 12lb.-18lb. thrust
  • Recommended Engine: Jets Munt VT80
  • Radio Required: 8 channels; Servos: 11
Stock Canopy, still a bit brittle and our after market canopy is recommended as a upgrade

Nice Carbon Main Spar Wing Tube

Perfect near 80 degree Flap Movement

Perfect Wing Spar Fit

Nice Carbon Boom Reinforcement

Pre Installed Good Quality Hinges - Just Need Gluing
Control Horn Slots Predrilled Now - Nice Touch!!!

Recessed Rudder Hinges with Horn Slots PreCut, same for all servo trays....

Very Nice Fit of Main Retarct Well, Nice Opaque Colour Too

Carbon Sheet Retract Area Reinforcement

Much Improved Glue Lines, No Sign of Gaps Now

Tailplane top view

Tailplane underside view, internal carbon reinforcement, apparantly...

Lovely Plastic Tank made of Polyethylene with Kero Resistant Fuel Fitting and Tubes include.
Clunk no good so will need to be replaced

Extensive accessary pack include heavy duty ball links

Double End Threaded Control Rods of Correct Size Included

Carbon Control Horns Included, Superb Quality

Hatch Latch, Pretty Basic but it does the job if you want to go this route

The Pilot Means Business - You can see it in his eyes!!!!

Another view of the clear components included, Precut and ready to fit

Pneumatic Retracts,Stuts, Wheels & Brakes
Add Servo Lead Loom
Servo Package
Add Electric Retracts,Struts, Wheels & Pneu.Brakes
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