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AquaPower 18~36T 5~10 128A FNR P-FS-AQP128

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Product Code : P-FS-AQP128
Product Brand : Fusion
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  • Designed for a wide selection of electric motors between 18~36 Turns
  • Automatic Set-Up
  • All connectors factory fitted
  • Temperature cut-Off shuts down the speed controller to prevent damage from excessive current draw
    • 'Safe Start' - to prevent accidental motor starts by disabling the motor circuitry until the throttle stick is moved to full throttle, then to the 'off' position
    • BEC (Battery Elimination Circuitry) - which allows the motor battery to power the receiver and servos. When the motor battery voltage is reduced to a set voltage per cell, the low-voltage cut-off circuitry stops the motor while continuing to supply power to the receiver and servos, eliminating the need for and weight of a separate receiver battery
    • Thermal Protection - which reduces the throttle to 70% when the maximum temperature is reached
    • These ESCs function with brushed motors only!
Specification P-FS-AQP128
Function Foward/Neutral/Reverse
On-Resistance 7.0ohm
Frequency 3KHz
Max. Peak Current 440A
Max. Continuous Current 128A
B.E.C 5.0V/1.0A
Input Voltage NiCd/NiMH 5~10 Cells
Motor Turns 18~36
Automatic Set-Up Yes
Temperature Cut-Off Yes
Water Cooling System Yes
Wire Size 1.68mm2

Case Size 36x28x18mm
Weight 49g

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